Zum Gali Gali Rubber Stamps

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How big are our stamps? Look at the grid in the background of each catalog page. The solid lines represent one inch, and the dotted lines a quarter inch, at the same scale as the stamps. We hope that lets you get a pretty accurate idea of the size of each stamp.

Search for a stamp! If you know a catalog number of one of our stamps, or part of the title, click on this search page, enter the information there, and you will see the image with that number, or all the images with titles that match what you entered. If you don't find what you wanted, please try the catalog pages below. For instance, not all our dog stamps have "dog" in the title.

Adinkra Food and Drink New England Seacoast Shabbat
Ancient Cultures Hanukah On the farm, at the stable Shalom means Peace
Autos, trains, and bicycles Hebrew/Yiddish Phrases Passover Sports
Birds Homage to Matisse and Picasso Pattern page 1 Stars
Boats, weathervanes, and sea birds Jerusalem of Gold - 1 Pattern page 2 Sukkot and Simchat Torah
Buildings and Landmarks Jerusalem of Gold - 2 People (mostly faces) Symbols
Cats, dogs, and suburban animals Judaic postoids People (mostly figures) Trees, leaves, and flowers
Costa Rican Sellos Life Cycle Purim Under the Sea
Everyday Things Light up the world Rejoice Unusual animals
Fantasy Mimbres Reptiles, dinosaurs, etc. Wild Animals
Fiber Arts Music and Musicians Rosh HaShana Working Vehicles
Flowers, Butterflies, etc. New England Houses Seasons